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Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 1B3
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Paul G. Scambler, QCPaul G. Scambler, QC, has practised law with the firm of Clay and Company in Victoria, Canada, since 1978. His preferred areas of practice are secured transactions, wills and estates, elder law, real property, and commercial dispute resolution. He has extensive experience in advising businesses and non-profit civil society organizations in Canada, including numerous faith-based organizations and social services organizations. He has been active in the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association as a member of the advisory committee to the Judicial Council of British Columbia, and as an elected member of Provincial Council. He received a Distinguished Service Award for his work as member and chair of the Gender Equality Committee, 1992 to 1997. He is a frequent guest instructor for the Continuing Legal Education Society's Real Estate program in the Provincial Legal Training Course. He has participated in training of lawyers in negotiation in Thailand (2002) and Cambodia (2001) and has served on Habitat for Humanity projects in El Salvador. He has taught real estate transactions at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Canada. In 2001 Mr. Scambler was designated Queen's Counsel by the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Scambler is also a Consulting Director of Peacemakers Trust.